15th & 16th July 2017
South & City College, Digbeth, Birmingham, B5 5SU

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SCHOOL NEWS - 22nd JUNE 2017

Tutors Announced

As always the backbone of our tutors is the family of Birmingham musicians, but this year we are also delighted to invite some musicians from across the water and up the road. Matt Cranitch and Marco Pollier are coming from Ireland to teach this year! Matt Cranitch has an outstanding reputation as a teacher (link). Marco is a legend from his time as a young pipe prodigy in Birmingham.

Bowing Styles of the Sligo Fiddle Masters

David Lyth is giving this interactive talk for the inaugural Anne and Pat Molloy Summer School Lecture. One of the things we have wanted to do on the Summer School for a while is to tie back to some of the specifics of Pat’s teaching. Pat was a huge devotee of the Sligo players of the early 20th century, Michael Coleman in particular. The talk will be one of the activity streams on Sunday morning and will last for about an hour. David will talk about fiddle playing in general, and Coleman, Morrison and Killoran in particular. You can then listen to some fiddle classics, with David illustrating some of the techniques on the fiddle. There will then be an open discussion, followed by an opportunity for everyone to play Lord Gordon together as a fun way to finish off. David has produced 3 highly acclaimed books on fiddle bowing and these can be downloaded FREE.

Big Birmingham Button Box Contest (BBBBC)

This is another activity stream on Sunday morning with some significant prizes. This is not going to be like "Your Mama’s competitions" – the emphasis is going to be on fun, like all of the Anne and Pat Molloy Summer School. Have a go!


Sue of the Big Bulls Head has been magnificent in her support of the school this year, and she has offered all kinds of support, including (but by no means limited to) hosting the Talent Contest and Lisdoonvarna weekend.


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